The Prayer Movement

The Prayer Movement is a high end design firm creating to inspire people to understand the importance of prayer in our everyday lives. Our mission is to create design concepts that inspire you to enjoy communicating with God consistently.

Talking with God is a privilege not a chore.

God hears us. Jesus died so that we could rest in the presence of God. His death and our faith makes us righteous in His eyes. Prayer inspires humility. It encourages us to be dependent on God and not our own strength. 

We don't take your generosity lightly. Thank you for supporting the movement. and helping us support some amazing non-profits and church planting organizations. Your support helps us advance the Gospel locally in our community and abroad. And last but not least, thank you for giving us the opportunity to PRAY for you and everyone who is a part of this community. We hope God gives you amazing opportunities to share of His goodness.

The Prayer Movement Team